June 29, 2023

COM-EX : Uniting Community-Driven Business Leaders

Event type

Live Conference


Club Caramel - C/ Flassaders 32, El Born Barcelona


4 hours


3 Panels

9 industry leaders speaking

Networking Village

Music & Fodd & Drinks

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Welcome to the 2nd edition

We are proud to present the second edition of COM-EX 2023, set within the artistic haven of Club Caramel in the vibrant El Born district. Club Caramel, an old caramel shop renovated by Grounded Innovation, is a testament to the power of community in fostering creativity and innovation.

Launching on June 5th, it is a coworking hub for artists of all disciplines, making it the perfect setting for an event devoted to community-centric business practices.


Club Caramel - Carrer Flassaders 32, El Born Barcelona


At the heart of COM-EX 2023 will be engaging discussions led by industry experts. Confirmed panelists include; Samuel Toribio, Head of International Markets at HomeLike; Jose Luis & Monica Prieto, respectively CEO and community director of Monapart, Julietta Puigdomenech CEO of MOB, Coté Soler, CEO of Ymás and BeLiquid, Enric Solé, Cofounder and CEO of Circle.Houses and Gui Perdrix, the President of Co- Liv, the global coliving association. These experienced professionals will shed light on the importance of designing and nurturing communities for long-term sustainability, anchoring local collaboration in real estate, and using community engagement to attract top talent.

Networking forms the cornerstone of COM-EX 2023, offering attendees the chance to connect, exchange ideas, and shape the future of community-driven business.

Mini-exhibitions offer attendees a glimpse into businesses that have placed community at the heart of their operations. Featured exhibitors like Judith Guerra, Founder of Balance Experiences; Gaia Cavallaro, South Europe Community Manager at EatWith, and Luis Antonio & Jana, Founders of Soul, serve as live case studies of success achieved through community-centered practices, providing inspiration and practical knowledge to attendees. More exciting names are expected to join this lineup, offering a diverse range of perspectives on the community-driven approach.

A crucial aspect of COM-EX 2023 is its people. High caliber attendees will have the chance to exchange ideas, forge lasting partnerships, and shape the future of community-driven businesses with like-minded individuals. The day concludes with a celebratory COM-EX Party, where attendees can unwind, dance, and forge connections in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

The objective of COM-EX 2023 extends beyond exploring community-focused business practices. Grounded Innovation aims to illuminate the need for more training and support in this burgeoning field. By uniting industry leaders under one roof, they aim to catalyze a movement towards a more connected, sustainable, and community-driven world.

At Grounded Innovation, we believe that the future of business lies in communities.

We invite you to be a part of this narrative and contribute to a future where businesses and communities thrive together. Secure your spot at COM-EX Barcelona 2023 today and join us in shaping the future of community-centered business.

Key highlights of the event include:

  • Engaging keynote address: Dive into the current state of the community industry and explore emerging trends shaping the future of community-driven business.
  • Insightful panel discussions: Learn from industry experts and successful entrepreneurs as they share their experiences, challenges, and achievements in creating value through community engagement, local collaboration, and sustainable community building.
  • Inspiring mini-exhibitions: Discover innovative businesses putting community at the heart of their operations, and learn how they foster success by embracing community-centered practices.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals, exchange ideas, and forge lasting partnerships with like-minded individuals passionate about shaping the future of community-driven business.
  • Celebratory COM-EX Party: Unwind at the end of the day with a festive party featuring music, dancing, and an opportunity to forge connections in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Event coordinators

Fátima Duarte

Chief of Staff

Judith Guerra

Community Developer

Marta Rocamora

CEO and founder

Speakers & sponsors


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